Trailer Reservations

When reserving a trailer you will be reserving it per day, if you need the trailer for additional days please repeat the process below. Here are some simple instructions on how to reserve a trailer. Please take note that the tent trailer requires a reservation fee of $100 to be paid to the UOVBA prior to pick up. 


  1. Select what trailer you want to reserve. 

  2. Click Reserve

  3. A calendar will come up for the day you want to reserve the trailer, click the day you want the trailer.  If the day is grayed out then that means it has already been reserved for that day.

  4. Once you selected a day please click on the 10:00 Am time - You will have the trailer for the whole day by clicking this.

  5. Click Next 

  6. Then fill out your church information. An email should be sent to you and the association about your reservation. This will also be automatically added to the Association calendar. 

  7. In your email you will have several links you must follow.  One of the links will take you the pick-up and drop-off information. This MUST be filled out and submitted for us to have on record.

  8. (Repeat this process for each additional day.) 

  • 12 hr

    Disaster Relief
  • 12 hr

    Shower Trailer
  • 12 hr

    Tent Trailer
(304) 845-3680