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Possible Disaster Relief Deployment

Attention Upper Ohio Valley Baptists! As Hurricane Ida makes landfall near Grand Isle, Louisiana we need to first be in prayer for those that are in the path of this storm. Flooding is already being reported in some areas. The path of Hurricane Ida is going to cover Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, as well as large portions of Virginia and Pennsylvania.


The current predictions are for anywhere from 2” to 10” of rain to fall in Ida’s path. This means that the potential for flooding in probable in all of these states. I am asking ALL UOVBA Disaster Relief Volunteers to be in prayer and prepare for our Mud Out / Chainsaw, Shower teams to be requested for deployment. These teams generally deploy for anywhere from 3 to 7 days. I anticipate requests for the Gulf Coast to begin early next week, and requests for teams to respond to inland effected areas to start midweek.


Here in West Virginia, we could see requests by Thursday. IMT Trained individuals usually deploy for two weeks and we could see those requests at any time in the next 1 to 21 days. Emails, text messages, and telephone calls will be forthcoming, and updates will be posted to both the UOVBA Facebook page and the


For additional information, you can contact Roy Polmanteer, UOVBA Disaster Relief Team leader by calling the office and selection option 4. Or emailing him at Serving Christ by Serving Others.

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