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Certificate of Biblical Teaching & Preaching

Are you a pastor, ministry leader, or someone who is being called into Gospel ministry that wants to grow deeper in biblical knowledge? If so, then this certificate program is right for you! Our certificate program is designed to encourage leaders on all levels to prepare them to be a stronger teacher and preacher of the Word of God. 

We have designed the classes in this certificate program specifically to help build and strengthen the biblical foundation of pastors, ministry leaders, and especially those who are being called to the ministry in our churches. Because of this, we have several classes specifically geared toward a proper interpretation and expository approach when preaching or teaching.  Our instructors come from various backgrounds with many combined years of ministry experience throughout the Southern Baptist Convention.  

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We hope that this certificate program helps you in your walk with Jesus Christ as you teach and preach God's Word.  Even if you have many years of ministry experience, this certificate program can be used as a good iron sharping iron opportunity for you and other leaders. 

Check out the certificate program and what we offer. If this is something that you believe that God is calling you to do then register below. Please understand that this program will have several papers and quizzes to complete in addition to required reading and one in person session for sermon delivery.  Once you register the Director of Missions of the UOVBA, Chuck Morrow, will contact you within a few days and share more information about this program, certificate syllabus, and required books.  We pray that as you consider this opportunity that God guides you in this decision. Because of the learning format, this will have a time requirement for in-person and online virtual sessions to be asked upon from those who enroll.

If you are interested in taking some of the classes but not working toward a certificate you may also enroll. In the registration below please specify which class you would like to attend.  Only those who complete all courses of study will receive a certificate.

Certificate Learning Format

  • Work through the UOVBA online learning portal.

  • 12 online 2 hr sessions: Starting March 8, 2023

    • Online Sessions will be from 8AM-10AM  Wednesday mornings via google meet. 

  • Free online course through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • Students will also have several  personal study, quizzes, and video sessions to watch via the UOVBA online learning portal in addition to quizzes to review those sessions. 

Classes and Study ​

  • Baptist Faith and Message 2000

  • Old Testament/New Testament Review

  • Expository Study & Preaching

  • Interpreting & Teaching the Bible

  • An Introduction to Hermeneutics

  • Sermon Prep & Outline

  • Sermon Delivery, will be in person at the UOVBA office on May 23, 2023.


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Certificate of
Biblical Teaching & Preaching

Thank you for your registration. Your Association staff will be in contact with you soon with a syilibus and book information needed for this certificate.

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