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Because of faithful giving to the Upper Ohio Valley Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program, we are able to provide tools and resources to help churches that are struggling through "Church Replanting". 

Church Replanting is the process of taking churches that are on the decline headed toward closing and reclaiming it for Gods glory.  We utilize a sound systematic process that looks at the overall health of the church, its relationship with their community and processes it is following within the church to gain an overall understanding of what may be needed to help point the church in the right direction.  

Replanting is not quick fix and requires a willingness to have an honest evaluation preformed to determine the best steps for moving forward. Best of all you are not alone, we will walk with you each step of the way. Your association along with the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptist, and the North American Mission Board want to see your church succeed in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and through your community.  It is our hope that we can come and walk along side you and your church as you seek to reclaim it for Gods Glory

Next Step, My Church Needs Help! 

Courageous steps are required to help get your church to be healthy. The UOVBA stands with you to help through church consultations and counseling geared to equipping and training leadership within the church to meet the every changing environment we find ourselves in. We partner to open the door for new life and gospel opportunities in your community.

If your church needs help please take this anonymous church assessment survey. It will be used in the initial first steps of the church replanting process. 

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Free Demographic Report

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As part of our consultation process we are able to obtain a free demographic report through the North American Mission Board to help you and your church understand its community. This report gives demographics based upon minutes or miles from the church. In addition it gives a comparable view of the community based upon other communities across the country similar to size. 

Recording Studio

Trusted Podcast Resources


Why another podcast? Why? We wanted to create a place for replanters to ask questions and have them answered by other replanters. With a “Boots On The Ground”approach to answering these questions and exploring the gritty and glorious work of church replanting and revitalization.

Bob Bickford and JimBo Stewart both have so much they wish they would have known before going into replanting. Especially the first 5 years and they want to help any replanter they can in this journey.


Featuring Thom Rainer, Mark Clifton, and Kevin Ezell, Revitalize & Replant is presented by the North American Mission Board. Revitalize & Replant is a weekly discussion on church revitalization and replanting.


One of the greatest stressors in rural ministry is isolation. This podcast is designed to be a kitchen table conversation between you and a couple of real-time practitioners who’ve done rural ministry for years. Our desire is to affirm the role that you play whether it’s full-time part-time or somewhere in between, and to share with you a variety of resources that will make your life and ministry easier.

With Andy Addis & Mark Clifton

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